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Fundraising Opportunities

ISM-InteriorPage-350x225-CornCribCafe.jpgThe CornBelters are proud to provide fundraising opportunities for our area non-profit organizations, youth clubs, sports teams, and groups seeking to support a cause. Between our fundraising through concessions program, ticket consignment opportunities, and being able to host your event at the ballpark to create additional revenue generation via silent auctions and events; we have an option to support your goals.

Fundraising Through Concessions Program

We offer two concession stands per game for volunteer groups. Your group will receive a percentage of the net sales of the concession stand you work. The percentage will be dependent on the days of the week you work with a "sliding scale" model.

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 10%
  • Thursdays & Sundays: 8%
  • Fridays & Saturdays: 5%

Note: Some promotional dates will be paid on the Friday & Saturday scale. Training will be provided and a CornBelters Stand Manager will be available at all times, but is not responsible for children.

What is required?

  • Be able to start 30-45 minutes prior to gates opening.
  • A minimum of four (4) adults (21 and over) per concession stand.
  • All adults must be willing, able, and comfortable with selling alcohol to our fans of legal drinking age.
  • All adults will be responsible for ensuring fans are of legal drinking age to consume alcohol (carding).
  • All volunteers must sign or have a volunteer waiver on file in order to work in the concession stand.
  • Children are welcome to participate but must stay in the concession area.
  • Parents and/or group leaders will be responsible for the children and must be supervise them at all times.
  • A W-9 must be submitted or on file for each group prior to receiving the proceeds of that night. (Example: Each Girl Scout Troop must submit a copy of their W-9 so we may keep the troops separated.)

Note: Due to demands, concerts, Legends Game and other events; dates are limited to availability at the time of the submission of the request. They will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis.

To reserve available dates, please contact the Director of Food & Beverage Scott Kelley at 309-451-3438 or email

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF verison of our Fundraising Opportunities Flyer.

ISM-InteriorPage-350x225-KidsOutfield.jpgFundraising Through Ticket Sales Program 

The CornBelters also offer groups the opportunity to sell game tickets on consignment and share in the revenue generation for their efforts. Approved groups will receive Box Seat game tickets (normally $12 each) at a reduced rate with the ability to sell the tickets and receive a 50% kickback on proceeds

Example: Group purchases Box Seat tickets for $5 each from the CornBelters and then sells those tickets for $10 each. Consumer receives a $2 discount off the typical single game price and then supports the group with a $5 contribution for each ticket purchased.

Add-on options are also available to increase the value of the ticket package and raise additional funds for the group (i.e. add on a popcorn, hot dog, soda, etc.)

To learn more about our Fundraising Through Ticket Sales Program, call the CornBelters Ticket Office at 309-454-2255 or email

Fundraising Opportunities

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