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Busey Bank Reading Program

Thank you for your interest in our 2018 Busey Bank Reading Program! Below you will find additional details on our reading program, as well as a clickable link on the bottom of the page where you can view and download a PDF version of this year's packet.

We are excited to partner with Busey Bank, local schools, and libraries to promote reading among students through our reading program. Working with teachers and program leaders, each participant in the reading program, ages Pre-K through 8th grade, is eligible to earn tickets to CornBelters games this spring and summer.

For further questions, please contact the CornBelters Front Office by calling 309-454-2255 or emailing


Schools, libraries, educational centers, after-school programs, home school associations, and organizations are eligible to enroll in the reading program that works with students between Pre-K and 8th grade. To enroll, please fill out the registration form in this packet and submit it to the CornBelters.


We will be working with each school, library, and teacher individually to support their ongoing reading program(s) by providing rewards for the students (tickets) or will provide a basic outline for a program they are welcome to adjust to fit their students’ goals.

The teacher or supervisor will establish the duration of the reading program (start and end date) and then work with their students to set goals, either by a class or by student. For each goal or incremental part of the goal that is met, a hit will be rewarded to the student. Once they have completed their goals and hit for the cycle, the teacher or supervisor will sign-off on the reading log and the program is complete!


Once a student has met their reading goals within their respective program, and the teacher or supervisor has recorded their achievement, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Completion (template at the end of packet). The student may keep the Certificate of Completion to either take home or stay at school.                                                                                

The student can redeem their completed reading log for their ticket vouchers at the MICU Box Office at The Corn Crib for:

  • One (1) kid’s Reserved Box Seat for CEFCU Opening Night on Friday, May 11th

  • Four (4) additional vouchers for kid’s Reserved Box Seats redeemable for any of our nine (9) Sunday home games this season (May 13, 27, June 10, July 1, 8, 15, 29, August 12, September 2)

Note: The kid’s ticket vouchers may be used by the student and/or their siblings under the age of 12 in any combination on Sundays (i.e., one ticket for four games, two for two games, four for one).

CLICK HERE for a downloadable version (PDF) of our 2018 Busey Bank Reading Program Packet