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Outdoor Suites

ISM-InteriorPage-350x225-OutdoorSuites.jpgExperience a night at The Corn Crib in one of our Bauer Crops & Cattle Outdoor Suites that overlook the third-base line and feature an all-you-can-eat and drink menu! Become the Office MVP, plan a networking event, or simply treat your friends and family to a night at the ballpark they won’t forget.

We’d love to have the opportunity to organize your group night! All you have to do is...

  • Get a head count: Let us know how many people you expect to be coming out so we can set you up in the best possible fit.
  • Pick a date: Let us know when you’d like to host your event so we can get your group night reserved for one of our remaining game nights.
  • Call us at (309) 454-2255: With a small deposit, reserve your suite and we’ll plan and execute your perfect event!

Our suites (pictured top right) are equipped with wooden bar tops and balcony seating (ADA accessible). A minimum of six (6) is required for your group, but we have the ability to host up to sixty (60) in multiple side-by-side suites.

Outdoor Suite Package Price
Kids (12 and under) $15
Adults (without alcohol) $32
Adults (with draft beer) $42
CLICK HERE to view The Corn Crib Seating Map.